Rencontre Portugal

From the moment I heard I was going to host someone from a different country, in this case from Belgium, I knew it was going to be an incredible experience not only because I was once hosted by a Belgium student but also because I knew it was an amazing way of meeting new people and cultures. And so it was!

They arrived on Saturday evening and in the same day, after dinner, the girl I hosted and I went to a café to meet the other people involved in the project. We talked a lot about everything and went home.

The next day, in the morning, my sister and her boyfriend took us visiting the Dam of Vale Pradinhos, where we took lots of photos. After we had lunch, we went to the belvedere of the Azibo Dam, where we saw beautiful landscapes. But our afternoon didn’t end there since we also went to a town near Macedo de Cavaleiros, Mirandela, where we just had a long walk throughout the town and nearby the river.

On Monday, we had to go to school, where she attended some of my classes, the students who were hosting gave a tour to the students and the teachers from the other countries and after that we just had a lovely lunch in the library, an European Lunch to be more precise, where we got to try different types of food.

In the afternoon, all the students went to a really cool bar near the school and played snooker, table football and darts.

That night, we also got together in front of the Town Hall to talk, take even more photos and have fun.

Tuesday was my favourite day because it was when we went to the Azibo Dam to have lunch – we had the leftovers of the European lunch,to go sightseeing and to get everyone together once more. We arrived early in Macedo de Cavaleiros so we went to buy souvenirs so they could take to their families and friends and once we were done, we went to a pastery to have a snack.

In the evening of that same day we all went again to the same bar to hang out together for the last time and to say all of our goodbyes.

Wednesday they had to leave very early which was very sad;however it was a trip never to be forgotten, to remain in every single one of the students who were involved.

I will always miss the squad, the high-fives and especially the amazing group hugs! I hope we get together soon.

 Maria Azevedo (Portugal)

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