Meeting in Portugal

Meeting in Portugal

21rst September 2015


Present: Elzbieta Luczak, Janusz Olczak, Elsa Escobar, Beatrix Gomes, Polly Saggu, Valérie Campbell, Begona Toro Velasco. Juan Garcia, Emilie De Amicis, Florence Lefevre


Learning Is Fun Europe

  1. Report
  • Not every school in the project has received  feedback from their NA,  so Begona suggested we discuss it on the mobility  to UK
  • Dissemination, impact and evaluation will be done with the final report in Poland
  • Evaluation and feedback from the pupils: extend mobility by 2 or 3 days
  • Evaluation and feedback from teachers: difficult to organise the pupils who are going on the mobility, money for students is too high.
  • Elsa’s suggestion: give less money to the students and maybe use that money to take more of them on the trips
  • Eve to write the report in place of Veronique for Belgium



  1. Kindness day
  • Still ongoing during the 2 year project
  • Fun day also ongoing for the 2 years( duration of project)


  1. Mobilities
  • Evaluation from parents to be done/ Spain to forward a copy to other schools


  1. Dissemination
  • TV(Portugal), interview of students and teachers for the local newspaper( Belgium), interviews of students done by Jose Pagan and uploaded on Etwinning (Spain)
  •  Suggestion: use Erasmus + on FB groups
  • Contact media to promote the project into the community
  • Etwinning selfies: student to take photos and post them during mobility


  1. Next project
  • Begona to inquire about the deadline to apply for the next project
  • Maybe involve more countries for a 3 years period instead of 2


  1. Top of life &proverbs
  • We will not be doing Top of life anymore/ cancelled
  • Find 2 proverbs per country
  • Use proverbs which are common in all countries
  • Student on mobility will have to present a sketch/ picture/ charade/ “situational comedy and the students from the other countries will then have to find out what the proverb is.
  • To be done for meeting in Poland
  1. Dates
  • England:23rd-27th January 2016- to be confirmed
  • Poland; 16th-20th April- to be confirmed


  1. The  National Agency
  • More detail to be given on the activities (past and future) and also more detail on the link with the objectives.
  • Promote the language
  • Evaluate each activity: upcycling, masks, kindness day, logos, bookmarks, fun days…In term of impact on students & others

What innovative methods

Publish modules to the "offcanvs" position.