Meeting in Birmingham

Mobility in Birmingham, UK 

23 – 27 January, 2016

Minutes of the meeting:  Monday 25th January, 2016


Present: Elbieta Luczak & Malgorazta Osuch (Poland); Emilie De Amicis & Florence Lefêvre (Belgium); Elsa Escobar & Cristina Alves (Portugal); Begoña Toro Velasco & Francisco Gómez Garcia (Spain); Polly Saggu (UK)


Started: 10:00h

  1. Masks activity - team viewed the final product (movie) produced by Archies.  This was put together by Daryl Bevan and is ready to be uploaded on to ETwinning/blog.
  2. Discussion about problems encountered when trying to upload or download on eTwinning platform (e.g. files too big and need to be put on to youTube first, accidental deletion of files).


Each school to check its own content on eTwinning and re-upload if necessary.

  1. Begona showed Spanish school website with Erasmus folder. 

Reminder that joint project surveys to be completed on the blog by Belgium / UK & Spain.


Pupil feedback (evaluation) to be sent to Elsa to be uploaded to blog.

Rose coloured glasses – Happiness survey to be completed.

  1. List of project activities checked and ticked.  Pending ones noted.
  1. Schools exchanged Christmas cards.
  1. Begona shared with team what Spain had produced for activity: ‘What brings fun and what fun brings’.  Some very interesting ideas.
  1. Belgium shared their work for uploading – biathalon, technology..

ACTION:  Paper evaluation to be completed by all schools.


  1. Next activity - Proverbs

Spain shared their ideas. 

Lead country on this activity Poland (Ela) explained task to be carried out by all:

  • select positive proverbs related to success/happiness in mother tongue and other languages
  • Proverbs to be illustrated on separate paper ready for matching
  • Students can write a story around the proverb to explain its meaning
  • Each country to select and send 2 – 3 proverbs to Ela.


Meeting ended at 12:00h


Tuesday 26 January 2016


Present: as for Monday’s meeting + Bernadette Stokes (senior teacher, AIS)

Started at: 08:45h


  1. Mobility to Poland date confirmed: 16 – 20 April 2016
  2. New project objectives/notes from NA discussed. 

Must have a dedicated/named team.

Must state what each teacher will bring to the project.

Must state clearly what the students will do.

Must be collaborative, use eTwinning and have ‘added value’.

Must have clear dates

Students – not necessary for them to travel but if they do, must be justified and evaluated.

  1. Ela (Poland) suggested theme ‘Tolerance’ with acronym:



    • Logo competition
    • Erasmus club in every participating school
    • Film discussion club
    • Local Newspaper articles to find examples of ‘active/good citizen’
    • What it is to be a patriot today
    • Democracy – how it has developed


Need minimum of 3 countries.

Deadline: 31st March, 2016

UK to be lead co-ordinator and make the application.

Germany new member.


Meeting ended 09:45h

Publish modules to the "offcanvs" position.