Meeting in Spain

Erasmus + KA2

Meeting in Spain 23rd/24th March 2015

Call to Order:  A regular meeting of the Erasmus+ KA2 Project “LIFE” was held in IES Ramón y Cajal, Murcia, Spain on 23rd and 24th March 2015.  The meeting convened at 10.00 A.M. on the first day, Spanish Coordinator Begoña Toro Velasco presiding, Portuguese Coordinator Elsa Escobar, secretary.  Members of the project in attendance were:

  • Véronique Payen (Project Coordinator)
  • Emilie de Amicis
  • Elżbieta Łuczak (Polish Coordinator)
  • Iwona Szybowicz
  • Cristina Vaz
  • José Pagan
  • Valerie Campbell
  • Mike Morris



Day 1

  1. Masks activity
  • The Polish delegation explained they had carried out both a poster and a video contest and they showed some examples of the works made by the students;
  • The Spanish teachers also explained what their students had worked on and  showed some of the works produced;
  • The Portuguese delegation informed they hadn’t had the time to finish the activity and that it will only be ready by the end of April.


  1. eTwinning
  • Every delegation agreed on using Twinspace as a means of communication;
  • In order to make sure that everyone sees all the information, each coordinator must check Twinspace between Friday and Monday;
  • Information addressed only to teachers shall be registered on the “Teacher bulletin”;
  • Information addressed also to students shall be registered on the “Project journal”


  1. Blog
  • The Project Coordinator suggested that each delegation prepared a presentation about their school previous to every meeting and that they posted it on the blog. Everybody agreed to do so;
  • Everyone agreed that documents sent to other schools and that are to be used to create ebooks, for instance, should be word documents in order to facilitate others’ work;
  • Students’ reports on the meetings and the project must be posted on the blog;
  • The activity “Top of the LIFE” will be done through the blog.


  1. Top of the LIFE
  • Every coordinator must send the three most voted songs by their students to the Portuguese coordinator until 10thApril;
  • Songs must be written and performed by national singers/bands but may be sung in any language, i.e., it may be a song by a Belgian musician sung in French, Dutch or English, for instance. 


Day 2

  1. Collaborative work
  • Students will work on food  traditions;
  • They will form 2 international groups to create their work;
  • They were given instructions and suggestions on how to do it;
  • Deadline: 20thApril



  1. Masks activity
  • The English delegation presented their work and explained what they made and how they made it.


  1. Coloured Glasses Activity
  • Logo choice – the winner got 6 out of seven votes


  1. Meeting in Portugal
  • 19thSeptember – 23rd September


  1. Other Activities
  • Kindness Day – Portugal will celebrate it in May during the European Week;
  • What Brings fun and what fun brings  (Spain) – will be put into practice before the end of the year;
  • Proverbs /Funny quotes – will be posted on the blog so that students can comment on them;


Adjournment:   21st September and AVEMC, Macedo de Cavaleiros, Portugal were fixed as the time and place of the next regular meeting and the 24th March 2015 meeting was adjourned at 1.00 PM.

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